Organic Dried Fifi Banana

Organic Dried Fifi Banana

Our organic dried fifi bananas are packed with flavours. They are absolutely delicious and naturally indulgent. As they are High in potassium, dried bananas are a healthy treat for kids and adults alike.



Organic Fifi Bananas 





Nutritional facts:

During physical exercice, vitamins B6 and C along with potassium are depleted. It makes them a great post-workout snack as Bananas help restore these missing nutrients.



Can be preserved in a cool, dry place and away from light and humidity for up to 12 months. Also seal the container.



Dark brown



Sweet taste


Culinary Uses & Recipes

Their sweet taste makes them a great snack to eat or you can add it to desserts (such as crumbles), smoothies, yogurt or even mueslis instead of any sugar addition.